IMG_7603Welcome to These United Scrapes, a little corner of the Internet celebrating our country’s last remaining asset: its silliness.

These United Scrapes features haikus, satirical ads & news* pieces, book picks, imagined insight into the minds of notable public figures today, and “The Daily Dairy” — a bi-weekly cartoon.

All content is written & illustrated** by Soné Anandpara. Start from the beginning and subscribe to get new posts right in your mailbox!

Soné Anandpara is a comedic writer, playwright, and performer residing in New York City. Follow her on Instagram or reach out here.

*All stories are purely fictional in the name of satire. Please refer to the First Amendment before suing me. With the exception of public figures, all characters’ names are invented. Any overlap with real names is coincidental with no intended malice.

**Illustrations prior to July 2019 are by Alex Bull.