Humpday Haiku #23

You’re telling me once all this is over…

I just put on a
bra, walk into a bar, and
eat communal nuts?

Humpday Haiku #22

It’s not like Earth pushes herself every year

“Here’s to another
orbit with no change in my
speed or appearance.”

Humpday Haiku #21

“The darkest days are ahead of us”

Yes, but my eyes have
adapted and now I live
like this every day.

Humpday Haiku #20

Underrated characters in holiday movies

Royals fall in love,
thanks to hardworking Christmas
trees in every scene.

Humpday Haiku #19

Love Languages: Thanksgiving Edition

Don’t eat together,
don’t journey, don’t bake for hours,
and don’t you dare hug.

Humpday Haiku #18

Pg. 2020, “This Might as Well Happen” (Nonfiction)

Along with truth, science,
and weight goals, my favorite
tee has disappeared.

Humpday Haiku #17

A salve for bad days

Things could still be worse.
You could have an entire
nation despise you.