Humpday Haiku #9

Considering the upside to having kids

Long after I’m dead
and my journals are burned, my
genes will still be here.

Humpday Haiku #8

Chasing the dream at 100 miles per hour

Almost there. So close.
I can smell it. Wait, do I
have the right address?!

Humpday Haiku #7

Global warming explained in Year 3001

Annoyed by humans
Earth Gone Girled itself
Finally, some peace.

Humpday Haiku #6

Positive affirmation post-embarrassing yourself

I’m a unicorn.
The world needs people like me
to give them stories.

Humpday Haiku #5

Pros of summer almost being over

No longer need to
consistently dress like I’m
about to picnic.

Humpday Haiku #4

What breakfast taught me about body image

Blueberry muffin
is self-conscious about lumps.
Everyone loves them.

Humpday Haiku #3

A modern-day reverie

Stare out the window
dreaming of being more…Oh!
My Seamless is here.